Xavier Pellicer


Xavier Pellicer

The Xavier Pellicer restaurant in Barcelona was voted "Best vegetables & fruits restaurant number one of the world 2019" for the second time in a row.
The reason for this has to do with El Menjador, the new concept that Xavier Pellicer has elaborated in his restaurant. El Menjador is an intimate and exclusive area, with a separate entrance and space for 16 customers, where he presents his most personal dishes. The customer can choose from three different tasting menus: a vegan, a vegetarian and an omnivore. Each menu consists of 9 courses in which he always makes a creative dish with a seasonal product, inspired by nature. Xavier Pellicer cooks here in a different dimension. His vegetable preparations are even more creative and refined than anything he has made before. Whoever cooks gourmet vegetable at such a high level, deserves this title for the second time.


Calle de Provença 310 bis

08037 Barcelona

+34 935 25 90 02