Villa Aida

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2020

Villa Aida

Villa Aida is an excellent example of a restaurant that is fully integrated into its environment. Chef Kanji Kobayashi's "locavore" philosophy grew in Italy where he saw reliance on products and meat found in the vicinity of the restaurant. Back in Wakayama, he started rebuilding what he needed or buying from farmers and fishers. More than 100 different vegetables are grown in the fields around the restaurant. Even rice comes from its fields. And the sea is only 12 km away. With his production and constant attention to health through eating food, he lays seeds for the next generation. That is, he respects the wisdom of the old to feed the youth of tomorrow better. For its philosophy and its esciting dishes, Villa Aida is the Best Vegetable Restaurant of Japan 2019!

71-5 Kawajiri, Iwadecity

649-6231 Wakayama

+81 (0)736.63.2227