Juniper & Kin

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019

Juniper & Kin

Juniper & Kin is the kitchen garden & rooftop bar of the QO Hotel, whose Persijn restaurant is also mentioned in this guide. The building of the hotel was constructed entirely sustainable. For example, the waste, water and energy circles are closed as much as possible, the facade panels provide extra insulation or solar heat and the high-tech greenhouse on the roof is equipped with a circular system with which the fish and plants keep each other optimally healthy. Also, recycled material was used as much as possible. In addition to products from local entrepreneurs, home-grown vegetables, herbs, fruit and even fish are as much as possible. All dishes are prepared at a maximum of 41 ° C, making the flavours as pure as possible. The Juniper & Greens menu is a fully vegetable menu in which dishes such as black radish with enoki and horseradish sorbet, carrots with tartar and -18 C and as a dessert string bean with apple and sorbet.

Amstelvlietstraat 4

1096 GG Amsterdam

The Netherlands