Hof van Cleve

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019

Hof van Cleve

Hof van Cleve belongs to the top of the Belgian gastronomy. Chef Peter Goossens seeks the purest flavors in his products and prepares them with an exceptional finesse. Vegetables are never treated step-by-step in Hof van Cleve. Peter Goossens is after all a big vegetable lover. For example, he serves a complete gourmet vegetable menu 'Field, Garden and Forest' in which he combines, among other things, cucumber with quinoa, kohlrabi and grapefruit; Morels with cabbage, white asparagus and peas and zucchini with pointed pepper, white beans and olives. In the refined repertory of fish and meat dishes, he also brings vegetables to higher regions.

Riemegemstraat 1

9770 Kruishoutem