De Treeswijkhoeve

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019

De Treeswijkhoeve

Dick Middelweerd is praised for his surprising vegetable preparations. The ingredients come from traditional growers and are often of organic origin. Especially Frodo and Piet from the Heidevlinder and Constance from Heezen are important suppliers for the vegetables that he processes in his vegetarian menus. On the menu we also find preparations such as lobster Tokio impulse with asparagus, miso, shiso and fermented garlic, turbot with Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushrooms, basil and cheese and fowl with truffle, salsify, celeriac, parsnip and Madera.

Valkenswaardseweg 14

5582 VB Waalre

The Netherlands
+31 40 221 55 93