De Leest

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019

De Leest

Nature plays the main tone in the kitchen of Jacob Jan Boerma. During his apprenticeship at Roger Souvereyns in Scholteshof the basis for vegetables was created. The restaurant has its own organic vegetable and herb garden, 'De Birkenhove', by regular guest Gerdien van Stijn. Special tubers and edible flowers come from the garden. In the Flora and Fauna Menu, these vegetables get a leading role in a classic French preparation with cosmopolitan influences. Like in a combination of lobster with baba ganoush and piment d'espelette; or roasted kingfish with avocado Tom Kai, bergamot, ponzu, black radish and green apple. The restaurant also has a bar and a hotel with 11 luxury suites.

Kerkweg 1

8171 VT Vaassen

The Netherlands
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