Culina Hortus

Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2020

Culina Hortus

A vegetarian restaurant in the heart of the most Burgundian city of France is not where you would expect to find one. But even in this culinary Mecca, the attention for vegetables is developing. Adrien Zedda, even though she is a youngster in her twenties, she already can compete with the best vegetable chefs in the world. Almost all the ingredients used are organic, local or of French origin. Vegetables are brought in a very creative way: balanced, refined, healthy and above all full of flavour.

This restaurant receives therefore the award for the We're Smart Best Veggie Restaurant of the World 2020, rising from 4 to 5 Radishes!

Vegetables Chef Adrien Zedda - Culina Hortus about his drive to cook with vegetables!

Rue de l’Arbre Sec 38,

69001 Lyon

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