Top 100 Best Vegetables Restaurants 2019


The moment we waited impatiently and for a long time that we could sit in these places! A garden, landscaped with a restaurant in the middle. A restaurant, where only the products offered by the season and the garden are used. And yes, spectacular. The gardens are clearly a masterpiece inducing the pride of the local people! The question now was whether these good signs were also reflected in the kitchen? Good products are definitely there. The dishes are very pure; rather crude. The delicacy is discreet but the flavors are very present. Despite a lack of culinary techniques, making the difference perhaps even quite conscious, we keep a positive impression. The fruit and the vegetable certainly have the main role here and they are as they are! Beautiful total experience with smiling faces around us. A daring but successful meal.

Klapmuts Simondium Road

7670 Simondium

South Africa