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About Koppert Cress

Koppert Cress specializes in 'Cresses', seedlings of unique plants, each with their own, surprising influence on the senses. Taste, smell, feeling or presentation, there is a cress for all applications. And the choice is getting bigger. Every year at least one new product is added to the 'Micro-vegetables' assortment, a collection that is brought to the attention as 'Architecture Aromatique'.

If you want to buy the products and you are known in the catering industry, you can always find our product at catering wholesalers such as Van Gelder Netherlands, Bidfood, Hanos, Metro / Makro, ISPC, Grower, Groothandels GVC, Horeca-Totaal and Ven / Sligro. The cresses can also be ordered from the specialized vegetable man and at various wholesale markets such as Barendrecht (you can go to Rungis), Amsterdam (you can go to Vroegop-Windig, among others) and Rotterdam.

More info on https://www.koppertcress.com

Event We're Smart World Awards - Koppert Cress te Monster

Event We're Smart World Awards - Koppert Cress te Monster