The Potato Club

Belgium is a potato country, where we are rightly proud of our potatoes. The potato is interwoven in our culture, in our eating habits and in our identity. We often talk about the potato, but did you know that there are many different varieties, each with its own specific assets? A potato variety distinguishes itself by its own typical taste, interesting structure, specific colour, unique shape and culinary possibilities.

The varied range of potatoes allows you to create many surprising dishes. Even today, potatoes still get a rather traditional interpretation on the plate. In order to inspire today's chef and inventive hobby chef to prepare potatoes with a surprising twist more often and to discover the wide range of potato varieties, the Flemish Centre for Agriculture and Fishery Marketing  (under the name Lekker van bij ons) developed, in collaboration with Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef®, The Potato Club campaign.

For this campaign, Frank Fol and "Lekker van bij ons" created ten delicious out-of-the-box potato dishes with ten different, common potato varieties. A collaboration that fits in perfectly with the objectives of the We're Smart® World platform, as the potato is plant-based and a bomb of fibre potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Moreover, the potato contains a lot of antioxidants, few calories and is gluten-free!

The Potato Club recipes 

Discover below 10 unique recipes with different potatoes. Frank Fol used some of his 51 cooking techniques in the recipes.

Risotto of corne de gatte with carrot, lemon,
grey North Sea prawns and savory flowers

Gala macaroons with mango and lime zest

Millefeuille of laurette with broccoli, sea salt and chives


Bonnata vanilla sauce with raspberry and dark chocolate candies


Crispy exquisite ravioli with spinach, ricotta and bacon powder


Jazzy grissini with dip sauces


Ratte chocolates with truffle and mushrooms


Crispy tapas from Belle de Fontenay, turmeric, ginger and Thai basil


Gratinated Allians cannelloni with Old Bruges cheese


Alegria apple ice cream on potato parchment with apple