Frank Fol - We're Smart® World - special advisor to the Feed the Planet Worldchefs committee

Feed the Planet is an initiative to stimulate sustainable food consumption between communities, culinary professionals and people in need through emergency relief, food poverty reduction and training. This initiative was founded by WORLDCHEFS in collaboration with Electrolux and AIESEC.

Create the Planet - Global & Local impact
Feed the Planet initiatives are diverse and spread over the entire world. Their goal is an unremitting mission to create better food consumption, cooking habits between communities and professionals and to help those in need by:

  • Setting up schools for sustainable cooking in schools in the World.
  • Supporting sustainable food projects in the world: making the right choices, using less waste, from root to leaf, less meat - more vegetable.
  • Increase awareness around balanced and healthy food in the world.
  • Organize help with the need for food in crisis situations in the world.

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Frank Fol special adivsor of the Feed the Planet Worldschefs comittee 

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