Culinary Technique - Pasta

Hard vegetables can be used to make tasty “pasta.” Simply slice them into tagliatelle-like ribbons with a peeler or grater. The most suitable vegetables for this are asparagus, zucchini, peppers, parsnip and carrots. Vegetable noodles can be served as a main dish or as a side dish. For people who are allergic to gluten, they offer an appealing alternative to wheat-based pasta. Vegetables cut into ribbons can also be eaten raw. Sprinkle on some oil, lemon juice or vinegar, add a little salt and let them marinate for a few hours to soften them. Cut them as desired and let them dry. You can find ready-made pasta in the stores that’s been coloured with carrot, beetroot, or spinach juice, with fresh herbs, or with truffles. 


  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Slice them into thin ribbons with a vegetable peeler. 
  2. Cook them al dente in boiling water.
  3. Stew them briefly with your favourite seasoning.