Culinary Technique - Liqueurs

While liqueurs are traditionally made from fruits or herbs, we can also prepare delicious liqueurs from vegetables. The method is quite simple. Chop up the vegetables, put them in a covered container, add herbs and spices if you wish, cover them with sugar and add alcohol. Mix well and let it macerate for two to three weeks in a dark place. Filter the mix, pour it into nice-looking bottles and let it sit for at least three more months before drinking it. To obtain a more concentrated liqueur, you can add vegetable juice. This recipe is further proof that vegetables are really versatile. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are also found in drinks like vermouth and gin. 


  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Cut them into small pieces.
  2. Mix with the seasonings, the sugar and the alcohol. Let the mix macerate for a few weeks.
  3. Filter the liquid and pour it into bottles.