Culinary Technique - Ice Cream

Vegetable ice cream is a healthy alternative to regular ice cream and can add a refreshing touch to modern cuisine, both in savoury and sweet preparations. To make it, you must first prepare a thick vegetable soup using milk. The milk can be flavoured with fresh herbs and sweet or hot spices, which are then discarded from the mixture. This soup is then processed like any ordinary ice cream. For the sweet version, you add a mix of beaten egg yolks and sugar and you heat it until the soup thickens. Then you pour it into the ice cream maker. This machine is required for both sweet and savoury ice cream. The tomato, green pea, sweet potato or carrot ice cream recipes in this book will enhance and refresh any dish. You can also use the ice cream as follows: place a scoop on the plate and let it melt; this creates a hot-and-cold effect and serves as an original sauce. If you use a high-end appliance like the Pacojet, you can even skip the sugar. 


  1. Clean and wash the vegetables. Chop them up if necessary.
  2. Make a soup (hot or cold).
  3. Add milk to the soup. For a sweet version, add a mixture of beaten egg yolks and sugar.