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Sustainability has only become a hot topic in recent years. Yet sustainability is of all times & was historically embedded in our culture. This has been slow at first since the Industrial Revolution and the more recent the faster.

De Nederlandse Keuken
Albert Kooy

'Strange times' you hear all day long, strange situations, empty streets and empty restaurants. Everyone works at home behind their laptop in video calls with Microsoft Teams, Zoom or the renewed Skype... We are confronted with surpluses from agriculture.

Marc Declercq

If one thing is clear in these coronation times, it is that healthy people are more likely to get through an infection with the virus than unhealthy people.

De Groene Apotheek
Jack Stroeken

In these turbulent times, we are even more aware of our health than usual.  On the one hand not being infected by Corona and on the other hand making sure we live extra healthy lives.

Frank Fol

It's that time again! 

The Week of Vegetables & Fruit© is coming up and that means that there is something new to pick up from the vegetable world...

Anders gaan eten: een voedingsscore verenigt het goede van gezondheid en milieu
Jaco Vandenhende

Responsible consumption, which is good for our health and the environment, must take into account all of these complex factors. This is the message of dietary transition supporters and our solution.