About Amista

Amista is an IT consulting company focused on software solutions and services. Amista is a group of experienced SAP professionals founded in 2014, headquartered in Antwerp. The total headcount in January 2019 is 60+. Amista’s mission is to create value by delivering innovative solutions enabling customers to be one step ahead. We distinguish ourselves by combining broad technical expertise and process knowledge to cover end-to-end project guidance. With expertise across different business aspects, we guide our customers through transformation projects from start to finish.

About the project

At Amista, we create tailored e-learning solutions with a strong focus on user acceptance and change management. To support the ‘We’re Smart® Green Guide’ project, our learning experts are developing an e-learning platform where We’re Smart® Ambassadors can log-in to the application on different devices (PC, smartphone, iPad, …) and follow training to become an officially recognized We’re Smart® Inspector. The project contains the creation of three specific modules (Influencer, Expert & Inspector) in a rising level of difficulty with at the end of each module a quiz or task. Participants will be trained and tested all with the intention to learn more about fruits and vegetables, the 45 cooking techniques, the We’re Smart Green Guide®, the history of We’re Smart World®, the ‘Think vegetables! Think fruit!’ Philosophy®, ... This way, participants will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to review restaurants giving a priority to vegetables all over the world. Together, our goal is to evolve towards a healthier and better world where people and businesses move to a more ecological and sustainable approach to food. We are very proud to support this initiative and to collaborate with The Vegetables Chef himself, Frank Fol.